Gather face photos hassle-free for IDs

Standardized photos can taken from an individual smartphone with the background removed by AI

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Gather ID pictures hassle-free
Reduce cost, improve efficiency of photo collection
No app required. Take pictures via the web app
Instantly removes background with AI
Simple, intuitive user interface
Automatic standardization of pictures
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Do these problems sound familiar?

  • Getting a photographer costs a lot of money and it is a challenge to set up the schedule.

  • Standardizing filenames and trimming photos take a lot of time.

  • Setting up IDs for remote individuals in different locations is a logistical nightmare.

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    How It Works

    Gather Photos Efficiently

    Individual Login

    Bulk create accounts for each individual in the organization

    Take a selfie

    No app download required. Take a selfie on our web app anytime, anywhere

    Crop & Trim

    Dimensions are automatically standardized and the background will be removed with AI.


    Fee Per User



    Lowest in the industry

    Maintenance Fee

    Varies according to company size.

    Monthly payment

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